SIFROBOT-7.1 temperature checker face recognition SIFROBOT-7.1-P
Turnstile Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer + Printer – SIFROBOT-7.1-P
April 28, 2020
Desk type temperature checker SIFROBOT-7.3
Desk Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer – SIFROBOT-7.3
April 28, 2020
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Standing Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer – SIFROBOT-7.23


Camera: 200W pixel.


O/S: Android 7.1.

Temperature measurement units: Fahrenheit / Celsius

Type: Non-contact.

LCD Dispaly: Not a non-touch screen. Mouse required.

Fast Reading.

Optional IC card reader

Measuring distance: Within 1 meter.

Free Shipping to USA

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Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer




Face-Recognition-Infrared-Non-Contact-Thermometer- SIFROBOT-7.22

Standing Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer - SIFROBOT-7.23

Standing Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer - SIFROBOT-7.23 pic



Standing Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer - SIFROBOT-7.23 error

Standing Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer - SIFROBOT-7.23 size-

Standing Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer - SIFROBOT-7.23 support

Standing Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer - SIFROBOT-7.23 Application



Size 8 inch Camera 200W pixel
O/S Android 7.1 ROM 8GB
Alarm threshold Adjustable Temperature output Real-time parallel output
Networking RJ45/ WIFI Resolution 800*1280

TTL ,RJ45,Wigan 26, Wigan 34

Temperature Range 10℃~42℃ Detection distance 0.5-0.8 meters



Q )Does the device come with IC card reader?

A)No it is optional

Q) What’s the LCD size?

A) 8″

Q) Screen type?

A) Not a non-touch screen. You’ll need a mouse to manipulate the settings on the screen.

Q) Can the device detect mask?

A) Yes. You can click on the mask detecting mode, it will detect mask; otherwise mask will not be detected.

Q) Is it possible to use the device offline ? 

A) Yes. Data can be downloaded from USB interface.

Q) What is a MAC?

A) MAC is the ID number of each device, being used for account registration at back server.

Q) Can I link the device with our software?

A) Yes. Third party software is supported; we will send you API and data packet. Our customers have already linked their software with our device and works with their own back server.

Q) Can we equip the device with an external alarm?

A) Yes. Through USD interface you can add an alarm.

Q) Can the device connect with door access?

A) Yes. Door access is connected through relay interface.

Q)How’s the packing like?

A)Two packing ways, first, brown paper box; second, white color box.

Q) Can we customize the logo on device?

A) On the device screen, you can set logo and department name and device name from back server.

Q) Can I allocate MAC to my account?

A) Yes. We’ll send you the user manual to show you how to create accounts, how to allocate, and manage the data.

Q)What’s the delivery time?

A) Normally it takes 7-12 business days. We ship by FedEx, DHL, USP..

Q) Is there battery inside the device?

A) Yes. A PC of button battery CR3023 is put inside the circuit.

Q) How to update to new software version?

A) You can update software by downloading apk, and plug flash disc into the device and it will update automatically.

Q) How many languages does the device support? 

A) Till now we have over than 12 languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, French,  Russian,,  Portuguese, Chinese, etc.  New language can be added.

Q) How many employee information can be stored in the back server?

A) 1,000,000 employee information can be stored in the back server.

Q) Is there installation video?

A) Yes. Installation video will be sent to you by mail.

Q) What tools come with the device?

A) An L shape spanner will be in the product box.

Q) Can we buy one device and two or three accessories?

A) Yes. Device installation hole support four ways. One device can combined with two or three accessories. Accessories includes: wall-mounted plate, turnstile bar, standing bar, desk bracket.

Q How to protect our device privacy?
A) We will authorize account and password to you and allocate device MAC to your account.  After that, all the data can be seen only from your back server.

Q) Can I combine 10 devices into one account?
A) Yes.

Q) How to put our company logo into the device?

A) PNG format, 200*200pixel, upload into the back server.  Your logo will be displayed at the right below corner of the device.

Q) Can the blue LED light be turned off?

A) No. Blue will be on after the device is power on.

Q) Can we add an external rechargeable battery?

A) Yes.  Our default power supply is is 110-240V, transit voltage to 12V.  Rechargeable battery can be added.

Q) What plug you use for the device?

A) We have Europe, American, China, Japanese, Italian plugs. Pls make a remark for the plug when you place order.

Q) Where to find the API / Software of the device?

A) After you receive your order. We’ll provide you with user name and password of the back server. You’ll find downloadable content section by clicking on the arrow icon ↓ on the top right corner.

Body Temperature Testing

Industrial Temperature Measuring


Disclaimer : Please note that once you purchase this robot, you will have an account with your own username and password, with which you can check the activity and the temperature measurements of the employees and visitors. This data will be stored in the cloud. You will be the admin of the account and the responsible for the stored data.

You have 4 options: 

1- Store data in the cloud for up to 3 months, until it’s automatically deleted. 

2- You delete your data daily or weekly, manually.

3- You switch OFF the data recording option to prevent data from being stored. 

4- You can have the data stored in your own server.

You’re free to opt for any option. However, in all 4 case scenarios, SIFSOF can not be held responsible for any leakage or hacking of the data generated by the robot and stored in any server or LLC machine. The device owner is free and fully responsible for data management and security.



Standing Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer – SIFROBOT-7.23

Optional IC card reader

Free Shipping to USA


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Reducing carbon footprint : A mature tree absorbs an average of 48 lbs of CO2 per year.

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