Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I place my order on your website?

How do you ship?

We ship by DHL or USPS : FREE express shipping

How many days for shipping?

Delivery time : Usually 3-5 business days To Mexico, Brazil and Argentina 5-10 business days via ESTAFETA

Where do you ship from?

We ship from USA or Hong Kong depends on stock availability Both free express shipping

What is the shipping cost? // How much is shipping?

FREE express shipping

Any extra cost for custom duty and clearance?

Normally there is no customs fees

What is the return Policy?

We offer 7 days return policy

Is there any warranty?

We offer 1 Year warranty. 

If any issue happens with the product you can return it and we will fix or exchange it by new one, and we ship for FREE

Do you do dropshipping?

Yes we do dropshipping. Please send us your email and website links so we will send you our products list 

Can I be your distributor in the region?

Please tell us whether you have an online store or an offline one and if you have an online store please send us its link And please tell us your profile, whether you will use the device for personal or commercial purposes

How do I test a device?

Unfortunately, we do not provide device testing. However, you may consider placing an order for a sample, and in case any errors or issues occur, you may request to return it and get your money back within 7 days as in the return policy we offer. OR you can buy the probe and we offer 7 days return policy so in case it doesn’t match your need you can return it and get money back

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