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June 13, 2018
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FDA Portable Vein Detector SIFVEIN-5.2
June 26, 2018
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Portable Blood Glucometer, FDA Approved SIFGLUCO-4.9


Portable Blood Glucometer, Blood Glucose Meter

Type:  Blood Testing Equipments

Fast result: Get blood glucose test result in 8  seconds

Certificate:     FDA, CE, ISO9001 and ISO13485





Portable Blood Glucometer, FDA Approved: SIFGLUCO-4.9

Portable Blood Glucometer, FDA Approved SIFGLUCO-4.9


Convenient, fast, accurate, humanized
Self-testing for diabetics clinical routine blood glucose test
Alarm reminding function

The Blood Glucose Meter attaches importance to such features as convenience, speediness, accuracy and humanization in the aspect of design. The device is to be mainly used for clinical routine blood glucose test and self-testing for diabetics.
(1) Automatic calibration with code.
(2) Time setting and measurement unit can be switched.
(3) Sorted Storing: Test results of Empty stomach, Non-fasting, Post-exercise.
(4) Test result storage, query and deletion functions
(5) Test result above normal value prompt function
(6) Calculation of average value
(7) Alarm reminding function
(8) Lack of battery prompt functions
(9) Auto Power Shut Off

Portable Blood Glucometer, FDA Approved SIFGLUCO-4.9 model

Technical parameters 

Test range: 1.1~33.3mmol/L(20~600mg/dL)
Test time: 8s
Test sample: fresh capillary whole blood
Type of sample used for calibration: venous plasma
Blood volume: top suction (1µl); flank suction (3µl)
Measurement unit: mmol/L and mg/dL, switchable
Meter calibration: automatic calibration with code
Memory capacity: 500 test results can be stored
Calculation of average value: by 7 days, 14 days, 21 days and 28 days
Display date and time: 12-hour system
Working temperature: 5~42°C(41°F~107.6°F)
Working relative humidity: not higher than 80%
Storage and transport temperature: -20°C~55°C (-4°F~131°F)
Relative humidity in storage and transport: not higher than 85%
Meter size: 85mm×54mm×19mm
Meter weight: 50g or so
Battery type: 3Vdc, 3mA (one 3V CR2032 lithium battery)
Battery life: endurable for 1,000 tests
Reminder alarm: the reminder time can be set

Portable Blood Glucometer, FDA Approved SIFGLUCO-4.9 monitor