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Portable Infrared Vein Projector: SIFVEIN-1.4

Original price was: $5,000.Current price is: $3,595.

Light type : Infrared

Depth of visible vein : < 10 mm

Projection Distance : 40cm ± 3cm

Image Size : Small, Medium, Large

Image Color : White, Black, Green

Operation Mode : Normal, HD

Calibration : an accuracy of ± 200um

Battery Detachable : Yes

Size : 215(l) x 55(w) x 70(h) mm

Weight : 390 g

Certification: CE61010/ ISO13485 / CB

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Portable Infrared Vein Projector: SIFVEIN-1.4


Portable Infrared Vein Projector: SIFVEIN-1.4 reduces eye strain by using near-infrared LEDs, which are also safe for patients. The vein can be viewed in real-time because it shows the same thickness of the vein wall as the actual view on the skin surface. Both patients and doctors can benefit from it.

Patients of all types can benefit from this technique, especially those with difficult-to-detect veins. without regard to the skin tone, it may be utilized with a 40cm x 3cm Projection Distance, and it can see a vein up to 10mm deep.

Portable Infrared Vein Projector

Specifications of SIFVEIN-1.4:

· Input Power : DC 15V / 3A
· Battery Rating : 7.2V / 3,400 mAh
· Battery Run Time : 3 Hours
· Battery Charging Time: 2 Hours
· Continuous Usage Time During Charging: 12 Hours
· Double Battery Protection Circuit Applied

· Light type: Infrared
· Depth of visible vein: < 10 mm
· LED Lifetime: 20,000 Hours
· Projection Distance : 40cm ± 3cm
· Image Size: Small, Medium, Large
· Image Color: White, Black, Green
· Operation Mode: Normal, HD
· Calibration: an accuracy of ± 200um
· Battery Detachable: Yes

Additional functions
· System Status Information Display
– Temperature, Device Age
· Automatic Control
– Brightness, Fan Speed, Power Saving, etc.

Mechanical Characteristics
· Size : 215(l) x 55(w) x 70(h) mm
· Weight: 390 g

SIFVEIN-1.4 Output Image

SIFVEIN-1.4 Application:


CE 61010



 This product Not to be used in the US.



Portable Infrared Vein Projector: SIFVEIN-1.4

 12 months warranty.


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