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Portable Clinic Handheld Infrared Transilluminator Vein Detector : SIFVEIN-2.1

Original price was: $2,800.Current price is: $1,549.

Type: Handheld Infrared Vein Finder transilluminator IV Blood Analysis system.

Color: White.

Condition: New.

Application: Sabcutaneous blood vessels of various patient, Phlebotomy IV,  Blood Analysis System.

Probe depth: 8 mm maximum.

Light Projection: 300lux~100lux.

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 Portable Clinic Handheld Infrared Transilluminator Vein Detector :



The Vein detector SIFVEIN-2.1 can be widely used not only for infants, elderly and obese patients but also for patients with different skin tones. It detect subcutaneous superficial by pantended infrared light technology. Displaying vivid vein map on the surface of skin. It helps Medical staff find vein’s location and reduce needle stick attempt.

The vein finder is for a variety of patients. The vein detector SIFVEIN-2.1 provides a significant help for patients with vascular positioning difficulties such as obesity, swollen tissue, hairy skin, dark skin, hypovolymia.. It assists medical staff to locate and find veins quickly and accurately during I.V.. and it can increase the success rate of I.V., relive Nurses’ work pressuren reduce the patient’s fear and pain and improve the  quality of Medical services.


  • Effective: Enables to perform promptly vascular treatments and procedures for the patients
  • Accurate: Enables to choose the right blood vessel based on real-time video of the blood vessel
  • Precise:  Helps prevent repetitive and wrong injections
  • Patient types : Can be used with various patients such as infants and obese patients regardless of their skin tones
  • Non-contact: Because the device has been designed not to come into contact with the patient, the device may not require sterilization between uses
  • Movement tolerant: Because the device shows the veins in real time, the device can accommodate patient movement, when operated properly, a critical feature for venous access procedures performed on children and restless or combative patients.
  • Decrease unnecessarily repetitive injections : Increase the safety and satisfaction of patients as well as the work efficiency of professionals in hospital.
  • Two kinds of imaging Modes: : blue & white, red& green, one-click switching freely
  • Image Performance optimization, adjustable brightness, high accurate
  • Medical cold light, safe for your eyes
  • Sleep Function, more confortable operation
  • Elegant design, easy to carry.


  • Model Name: Vein Detector SIFVEIN-2.1.
  • Type: Blood Analysis System.
  • Size: Small size: fits in your hand.
  • projection distance: 9cm~31cm.
  • Function: for clinic and hospital.
  • Category: clinic.
  • Rechargeable battery: The twin-battery design.
  • Effective positive projection distance: 29cm~31cm.
  • Light projection: 300lux~1000lux.
  • Active radiation contains wavelength light: 750nm~980nm.
  • Electrical source: lithium ion polymer batteries.
  • Service voltage: d.c. 3.0V~4.2V.
  • Net weight: 0.28±0.02kg.
  • Prevent into the liquid level: IPX0.

      Product Structure:

HanhDeld infrared vein finder consists of LED light source, image processing module, battery and case.The case includes function buttons and indicator lights.

  • Optimized structure – Easy to disassemble and fold. Smaller and safer package which saving freight cost..
  • Enhanced image – Clearer vein image, less noises and interference.
  • Safe – Use safe light source, no laser, no radiation.
  • Color image – Clear and accurate.
  • No patient contact – Clear and accurate.
  • Easy to learn and use– no pre-use calibration or adjustments are necessary.
  • Small size – fits in your hand.
  • Works in light or dark – use it in light or darkly lit environments.

      The benefits for doctors and nurses:Portable Clinic Handheld Infrared Transilluminator Vein Detector : SIFVEIN-2.1

  • Providing friendly treatment / diagnosis and saving life.
  • Reducing venipuncture failure.
  • Increasing staff productivity.
  • Attracting and helping to retain more patients.


      Applicable to the crowd:

  • Children.
  • The elderly.
  • Obese patients.
  • Dark-skinned patients.
  • Patients with anemia, hypotension, or excessive loss of blood”.


      Application Range:

Our vein detector SIFVEIN-2.1 is used for Hospital treatment, firefight rescue, Military Disaster relief especially in dim environment.

      SIFVEIN-2.1  is  useful with a variety of patients :

Medical professionals know that venipuncture can be particularly challenging in some patients. Those with difficult venous access (DVA) can include:

  • The elderly
  • Portable Clinic Handheld Infrared Transilluminator Vein Detector : SIFVEIN-2.1 useDark-skinned patients, whose veins may not be visible
  • Obese patients, whose veins may not be visible or palpable
  • Patients having many diagnostic or therapeutic intravenous procedures
  • Burn victims
  • Agitated or restless patients
  • Oncology patients on chemotherapy
  • Drug abusers
  • Babies 

Portable Clinic Handheld Infrared Transilluminator Vein Detector : SIFVEIN-2.1 application





Portable Clinic Handheld Infrared Transilluminator Vein Detector : SIFVEIN-2.1

12 months warranty

1 user manual


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