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Arteriovenous fistula cannulation
August 22, 2021
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August 22, 2021
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The Use of Vein Finders in ANA LAbs

The use of vein finders in ANA Labs

ANAs are a type of antibody called an autoantibody, and, like other antibodies, they are produced by the immune system. Unlike healthy antibodies protect the body from pathogens like viruses and bacteria, autoantibodies cause disease by mistakenly attacking healthy cells and tissues

Therefore, an antinuclear antibody (ANA) test looks for antinuclear antibodies in a person’s blood.

The purpose of this test is to detect, measure, and evaluate antinuclear antibodies in a patient’s blood sample so that it can assist health care providers in diagnosing autoimmune disorders and provide information that may be helpful in determining a patient’s specific type of autoimmune disorder.

ANA testing requires a blood sample, which is typically taken from a patient’s arm by a phlebotomist. For this reason, the use of a vein finder in ANA Labs is definitely a blessing. Indeed, this revolutionary device is essential in situations where finding a vein is a major challenge as it makes the venipuncture easier, faster to perform, minimizes the risk of pre-analytical error, and reduces potential pain of patients.

Moreover, in ANA Labs, there are over thousands of venipunctures performed every day to obtain blood samples for testing. This procedure may be time-consuming and difficult in various groups of patients for which it is extremely important to choose veins accurately. For instance, the FDA Portable Vein Detector SIFVEIN-5.2 is designed to be used with Elderly, Obese, small blood vessels, or too dark skin patients.

In such cases, it’s highly recommended to use a vein finder which makes it possible to observe veins clearly under the skin, as it appears in darker colours than the background.

Accordingly, the SIFVEIN-5.2  comes with a decent customizable brightness, which allows doctors and nurses to customize the image brightness depending on the light of the room and the patient’s skin tone so that the vein becomes more visible and easier to access. Thus, banning any possible fail diagnosis and preventing discomfort, stress, pain, and other unwanted reactions.

By using a vein finder SIFVEIN-5.2 phlebotomists can see the blood vessels in a depth of 10 mm under the patients’ skin. In addition to the Depth recognition mode which improves the judgment of the depth of veins. . As a result, the success rate of the first venipuncture can be significantly improved.

The venipuncture technique would be considerably easier if a vein finder was used. Phlebotomists, nurses, or doctors can assure the procedure’s efficacy while also lowering the number of failed needle attempts and patient pain.

Ref: Antinuclear Antibody (ANA)

Disclaimer: Although the information we provide is used by different doctors and medical staff to perform their procedures and clinical applications, the information contained in this article is for consideration only. SIFSOF is not responsible neither for the misuse of the device nor for the wrong or random generalizability of the device in all clinical applications or procedures mentioned in our articles. Users must have the proper training and skills to perform the procedure with each vein finder device.

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