Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot: SIFROBOT-6.58


Navigation mode: SLAM navigation

UVC  lamp wavelength: 254nm

Number of UVC lamps: 10

Moving speed: 0.45 m/s

App: Android

Battery capacity: 25.2V / 38Ah

Battery life: 1.8h

Charging time: 3.5h

Rated power: 475W


Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot:



The Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot: SIFROBOT-6.58 adopts SLAM navigation and obstacle avoidance systems to perform a fast and comprehensive disinfection process.


UVC Disinfection Robot



UVC Disinfection Robot SIFROBOT-6.58’s Advantages:


Sterilization without any residue or pollution: The top-level professional UVC disinfection lamp emits light at 254 nm with a total irradiation intensity of 1500 µW/cm2,  which ensures the disinfection effect by breaking the DNA and RNA chains of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms so that they are inactivated to reproduce.  It can achieve a disinfection effect of 99.9999%, without ozone and secondary pollution.


Easy operation: The SIFROBOT-6.58 offers precise positioning, autonomous navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance,
automatic return to charging dock, mobile APP control, user-defined disinfection route and time, automatic start
of disinfection at the scheduled time.


Safe to use: UVC lamps will automatically turn off upon infrared detection of object movement to ensure safe use.


Auto-charging: The robot will return to auto-charge after completing the task, so the trouble of line charging is avoided


Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot SIFROBOT-6.58


UVC Disinfection Robot’s Details:


Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot SIFROBOT-6.58

Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot SIFROBOT-6.58

SIFROBOT-6.58 Technical Specifications:




Product Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot





Basic parameters




Intended use

Indoor Disinfection


Diameter 530mm* Height 1375mm (lamp tube 843mm)



Rated power


Applicable scenes

Hospitals, hotel halls, restaurants, residential corridors

office buildings..etc








Ultraviolet sterilization

UVC lamp wavelength 254nm
UVC lamp material


Qty. of UVC lamp tubes


UVC lamp power

UVC power

16 W*10

Cumulative light intensity

1500 μw/cm²

Irradiation direction


Sterilization scope

Bacteria, molds, viruses, etc. on the surface of objects

Lamp life

10000 h


Should not be used around humans, pets, or other valuable objects
Start mode

By specific order





Moving speed

0.45 m/s
Driving mode

Differential driving

Over-obstacle capacity

≤10 mm



Passage width

≥750 mm





Battery capacity

25.2V / 38Ah
Service time


Mode of charging


Charging time


Charging pile

110V~240V wide voltage input


SIFROBOT-6.58 In Action:





Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot: SIFROBOT-6.53
Inside The Box: 
  • Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot: SIFROBOT-6.58
  • User Manual
  • Charging dock
  • 12 Months Warranty

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