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Convex and Transvaginal Color Double Head Wireless Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.43

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Color Double Head: Convex / Transvaginal (Endocavity) Probe.
Works with: IOS and Android, Tablet or Smartphone.
Measures: Distance, area, obstetrics, abdomen,…
Certifications: FDA,  CE,  ISO13485.
Connectivity: WiFi.
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Color Doppler Convex & Transvaginal Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

SIFULTRAS-5.43 for Gynecologists


Convex and Endocavity Ultrasound Scanner

Revolutionize Gynecological Examinations with the Convex Transvaginal Wireless Ultrasound SIFULTRAS-5.43

Discover the groundbreaking SIFULTRAS-5.43, an FDA-cleared color wireless ultrasound scanner with dual heads for efficient and cost-effective gynecological examinations. Explore its features, including WiFi connectivity, compatibility with IOS and Android devices, and its versatility in medical settings.

Welcome to the future of gynecological imaging with the Convex Endocavity Wireless Ultrasound SIFULTRAS-5.43 FDA Cleared. This revolutionary color wireless ultrasound scanner is designed with innovation in mind, featuring dual heads that make it not only practical but also more affordable than investing in two separate single-headed probes.

  • Dual-Head Design: SIFULTRAS-5.43 boasts two heads, offering unparalleled convenience and affordability in gynecological examinations.

Endocavity Ultrasound Excellence: Also referred to as endovaginal ultrasound, this cutting-edge technology is a pivotal tool for doctors conducting pelvic examinations. The SIFULTRAS-5.43 allows detailed examinations of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and vagina.

Doppler for In-Depth Insight: The convex side of the Doppler enhances diagnostic capabilities, enabling in-depth examinations of internal body parts.

The Convex and Endocavity Color Double Head Wireless Ultrasound Probe SIFULTRAS-5.43 takes convenience to the next level. Producing colored images, it seamlessly transfers data via WiFi to your IOS or Android device. Small, lightweight, and easy to operate, this ultrasound scanner does not compromise image quality.

Versatile in Medical Settings: Ideal for surgical procedures, the wireless probe eliminates the hassle of fixed cables. Its powerful communication capability with smart terminals enhances its adaptability in various medical scenarios.

With a 3.5 to 5MHz frequency, the Convex probe can penetrate from 100 to 200mm, allowing for monitoring, examination, and diagnosis of internal organs. This wireless probe meets the diverse needs of the medical field, offering a wide range of applications.

Elevate your medical practice with the convenience, affordability, and precision of the Convex Endocavity Wireless Ultrasound SIFULTRAS-5.43. Contact us to integrate this cutting-edge technology into your gynecological examinations.

Handheld ultrasound Doppler Endocavity type

Convex and Endocavity Color Double Head WiFi Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.43 model

Color Doppler Mode is needed to:

  • Give a visual overview of flow within the vessel or heart.
  • Rapid identification of vessels, valves, and turbulent flow.
  • Evaluate flow direction and velocity.
  • Measure volume and percent vascularity when combined with 3D Mode.
  • Guidance for reproducible quantification of flow velocities using Pulsed-Wave Doppler.
  • Locate an area of stenosis or thrombosis.
  • Determine the existence and amount of arterial plaques and associated turbulent flow.
  • Find small vessels such as mouse coronary arteries, and femoral and arcuate arteries.
  • Evaluate blood flow after a stroke or other cases due to impaired blood flow.
  • Observe blood flow to major organs such as the heart, kidney, liver pancreas, carotid, abdominal aorta, and others.


    Product Details:

Our Convex Transvaginal Wireless Ultrasound  SIFULTRAS-5.43 FDA Cleared for Gynecologist :

  • Charging mode: wireless charging.
  •  Scanning mode: Electronic array.
  •  Screen: Smartphone or tablet screen.
  •  Working system: Apple IOS & Android. Tablet or Smartphone. (Windows system coming soon).
  •  Display mode: B, B/M, color, PW, PDI.
  •  Image grayscale: 256 level.
  •  Pseudo color: 8 kinds.
  •  Image Storagepowerful expansion functions on the application, communication, printing, and storage devices used by customers (mobile phones, Tablet PCs) .
  •  Measure: distance, area, obstetrics, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and vagina.
  •  Power:  built-in battery.
  •  Power consumption: 10W (unfreeze) /4W (freeze).
  •  Battery working time: 2.5 hours
  •  Dimensions : 22*14*7cm
  •  Weight: 0.6KG
  •  Wifi type :802.11n/5G/450Mbps
  •  Software Supply System: Apple IOS & Android.
  •  Image frame rate: 20f/s.



  • Convex Endocavity Wireless Ultrasound SIFULTRAS-5.43 FDA Cleared is suitable for more than one application at the same time.
  • Lower cost than buying two separate single-headed probes.
  • It can be connected to a Tablet or/and Smartphone.
  • Built-in and replaceable battery.
  • Advanced digital imaging technology, clear image.
  • High cost-effectiveness.
  • Wireless connectivity, easy to operate.
  • Small and light, easy to carry.
  • Useful in emergency, clinics, indoor, and outdoor, vet inspections, gynecology, and oncology.
  • Intelligent terminal platform, with powerful expansion functions on application, storage, communication, and printing.
  • Measures distance, area,  obstetrics, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and vagina.


   Convex Side :

  • Frequency : 3.5 MHz / 5 MHz.
  • Convex.
  • 128 Elements.
  • Depth : 100mm ~ 200mm, Adjustable.
  • Screen : Smart phone or tablet screen
  • Display mode : B, B/B, B/M.
  • Image gray scale : 256 level.
  • Pseudo color : 8 kinds.
  • Image Storage :  Intelligent terminal platform, powerful expansion functions on application, communication, printing and storage devices used by customers (mobile phones,Tablet PC) .- Measure : distance, area, obstetrics and other.
  • Power :  built-in battery.
  • Power consumption : 10W (unfreeze) /4W (freeze).
  • Battery hold-up time: 3 hours.
  •  Wifi type :802.11n/5G/450Mbps
  • Software Supply System : Apple IOS & Android. tablet or smartphone.
  • Image Frame Rate : 12f/s.

   Transvaginal (Endocavity) side:

  • Scanning mode: Electronic array.
  • Display mode: B, B/M.
  • Frequency: Transvaginal (Endocavity) Probe 6.5MHz.
  • Depth: 50~100mm.
  • Image Adjust: Gain, Focus, Harmonic, Denoise.
  • Angle: 149.
  • Paracentesis assisting function: guiding line in the plane, external the plane (automatic blood vessel measurement), the enhancement display of needle.
  • Measure: Length, Area, Angle, Obstetrics.
  • Image frame rate: 18 frames / second.
  • Battery working time: 3 hours.
  • Charge: by USB or by wireless charger.
  • Dimension: 156×60×20mm.
  • Wifi type: 802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps.
  • Working system: Apple iOS and Android, Windows.


Convex and Transvaginal Color Double Head WiFi Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.43 application


ISO 13485
Inside the box
  • Color Doppler Double Head Wireless Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-5.43 FDA.
  • Wireless Charger
  • 12 Months Warranty
Scan results of Convex Transvaginal Wireless Ultrasound Scanner:


portable Endocavity ultrasound scanner

Color Doppler portable Endocavity ultrasound scanner wireless Endocavity ultrasound scanner handheld portable Endocavity ultrasound scanner

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