Hospital Pocket Fetal Doppler : SIFETAL-2.4
May 29, 2018
Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor&Heart Rate Pedometer :SIFIT-3.7
May 30, 2018
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Hospital Clinic Fetal Doppler Medical Desk Top Equipment : SIFETAL-2.5


Hospital Clinic Fetal Doppler Medical Desk Top Equipment : SIFETAL-2.5

High light LED display

Solid and durable,anti-shock,anti-falling down


Hospital Clinic Fetal Doppler Medical Desk Top Equipment : SIFETAL-2.5

Description: fetal doppler

Listening to your baby’s heart beat never been that busy. Just check your baby’s heart beat anywhere, anytime at your convenience. This genuine Angelsounds Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor is the perfect way to listen to your baby’s heartbeat at home anytime. Now all mothers can enjoy the pleasure of listening to their baby’s heart right in the comfort of their own home.

Many expectant mothers worry about their unborn baby during pregnancy. For these worried mothers, it can be very reassuring to buy a fetal doppler system.


Instructions to Use: fetal doppler

To record baby’s heartbeat, mothers can plug the recording cable into either of the headphone sockets on the doppler. The other end of the cable should be plugged into the microphone socket on a computer. Mothers can plug headphones into the other socket to listen to the heart beat as well as being recorded. Press the doppler probe against the abdomen and turn the Angelsounds device on. Using recording software on the computer, press the “Record” button, and the computer will begin recording the baby’s heartbeat.


Safe:Ultrasound dosage is under the safe standard 50% of National standard.
 Durable:Huge capacity battery,work more than 12 hours after full charge.
 Convenience:The structure design of the equipment accords with human engineering.Single key to control the operation of all functions. Setting the main unit on the  base is not  only for automatic charge,but also for overvoltage protection function.
 Sensitivity:Monitor 9 weeks fetus blood wall pulsate with the  high sensibility probe.
 Probe:According to different weekly diagram of pregnant,2.2MHz or 3.3MHz can be selected.
 Speaker:Quality “Sanyo” speaker take more clearly and loudly.

Technical Specification: 
 Ultrasound probe:solid and durable,anti-shock,anti-falling down
 Ultrasound frequency:3.3MHz or 2.2MHz+3%
 Ultrasound intensity:<5mW/cm2
 Display:High light LED display the time of operation
 Power adapter:AC 220V 50Hz,DC 18V.(on request)
 Rechargeable battery:14.4V,1100mAh(can work more than 12 hours continuously)


 Weight:Main body:1.12kg,charger:0.64kg