Ultrasound-Guided Foreign Body Retrieval
Ultrasound-Guided Foreign Body Retrieval
August 31, 2021
A colectomy is a type of surgery performed to treat disorders of the colon. Cancer, inflammatory illness, and diverticulitis are examples of them. A section of the colon is removed during the procedure.
Colectomy in Cats and Dogs
September 2, 2021
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Vein Finder Use in Geriatric Care centers

Vein Finder Use in Geriatric Care centers

Geriatric care centers offer health care professionals including nurses, neuropsychologists, physical therapists, social workers who have specific expertise in caring for older patients to provide them with specialized care, maintain and improve their health condition.

Geriatricians  are specialists that can cope with and provide treatments of many different diseases and conditions impacting the older adult, including:

·         Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

·         Arthritis

·         Depression

·         Diabetes

·         Falls and Mobility

·         Heart Disease

·         Stroke

·         High Blood Pressure

·         High Cholesterol

·         Memory Loss

·         Osteoporosis

Blood testing is very helpful when it comes to measuring and evaluating many common complaints that affect aging adults Like blood sugar, blood pressure, and Cholesterol. Therefore, geriatricians tend to routinely order or recommend blood tests.

This procedure requires a proper vein selection. The use of a vein finder would help the nurse to easily locate the vein, preventing possible failed injections that can cause discomfort and pain to the patient.

In fact, blood drawing can become very challenging due to the skin condition of the elderly. Indeed, their skin turns more thin, dry, and fragile. Not only that but The blood vessels also become more delicate, so a failure in venipuncture can cause these fragile blood vessels to break easily. Thus, creating bruising, swelling, or even bleeding under the skin.

The SIFVEIN-5.2 is designed specifically for these cases where it’s difficult to find the vein or it needs more concentration and cautiousness. No matter how old the patient is or his skin color or obesity level, the SIFVEIN-5.2  makes it possible to observe veins clearly in a depth of 10 mm under the skin.

Moreover, it comes with a depth recognition mode which improves the judgment of the vein’s depth and 3 colors (Red, green, and white ) that can be switched at will depending on the light of the room and the patient’s skin tone so that the vein becomes more visible, easier to access and the clinical accuracy gets higher. Thus, banning any possible fail diagnosis and preventing discomfort, stress, and pain to the senior patients.

Accordingly, the Vein finder can be useful in geriatric care centers in different cases like blood specimen collection for testing, revealing the entry point for medications, and for assisting in blood transfusions.

The Skin condition for elderly patients can make the task of venipuncture difficult for nurses or geriatricians which often results in multiple attempts in needle insertion. In this case, The use of a vein finder is greatly needed and highly valuable to prevent all the mishaps and pave the way for easier and quicker performed tasks by these professionals.

Ref: Elderly Care (Geriatrics)

Disclaimer: Although the information we provide is used by different doctors and medical staff to perform their procedures and clinical applications, the information contained in this article is for consideration only. SIFSOF is not responsible neither for the misuse of the device nor for the wrong or random generalizability of the device in all clinical applications or procedures mentioned in our articles. Users must have the proper training and skills to perform the procedure with each vein finder device.

The products mentioned in this article are only for sale to medical staff (doctors, nurses, certified practitioners, etc.) or to private users assisted by or under the supervision of a medical professional.

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