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Infrared Vein finder Stand Type: SIFVEINSET-1.2

Original price was: Mex$61,683.Current price is: Mex$49,244.

Light Type: Infrared

Depth: 8mm

Best Projection distance:  15-25cm

Weight: 280g

Size: 20cm*6.2cm*5.5cm

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Infrared Vein finder Stand Type:


Main Unit SIFVEIN-5.0 + Fixed Stand 



Vein Finder Stand Type SIFVEINSET-1.2 consists of The fixed desk Stand to suit SIFVEIN-5.0 Vein Finder Imaging System. The fixed support is easily securable and allows for superficial venous blood vessels of patients to be rapidly evaluated and searched.

Therefore, this guarantees that health workers can perform punctures correctly and efficiently during surgery and other medical procedures.

Infrared Vein finder Stand Type

Portable Infrared vein viewer SIFVEIN-5.0

The Portable Infrared Vein finder: SIFVEIN-5.0 is a portable vein finding device. It can project the blood vessels image on the skin surface accurately and timely. With an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to hold.

It helps doctors and nurses easily find veins of various patients, such as obese, hairy, or dark skin patients, etc. It highly increases the success rate of puncture thus reduces the cost and pain.

Also can be used to examine patients with varicose veins, and avoid closed or bifurcated veins. Moreover, it can adapt to different ages, body shapes, skin colors, weights, and various operating environments.

Features of the Portable Infrared Vein finder: SIFVEIN-5.0: 

Seven Colors: Suitable for different skin colors or environments.


Three Sizes: Suitable for adults, children, and newborns.


Five Levels of Brightness: Adjust the projection image to the most comfortable brightness.


Inversion: Reduce hair interference and make blood vessels clearer.


Enhance Mode: Enhance the clarity of blood vessel detection.


Sleep Mode: Enter into low power mode when the user needs short intervals and can be waked up quickly.

Multi-color Handheld Infrared Vein Finder SIFVEIN-5.0

Specifications of SIFVEIN-5.0: 

*  Infrared light detection without harm to the human body

*   Best detection distance: 15-25cm

*   Project alignment accuracy: +0.3mm

*   Low working noise: ≤20dB

*   The battery power can be displayed at the upper projected image and Low Battery power prompt

*   Panasonic 3400mA rechargeable lithium battery

*   American TI projection technology

*   Power supply of charging: OUTPUT 5V 2.0A, INPUT 100V-240V ac 50Hz-60Hz

*  Weight: 280g

 Size: 20cm(L)*6.2cm(W)*5.5cm(H)

SIFVEIN-5.0 Applications:

Handheld Vein Finder SIFVEIN-5.0 application

Children                                                             Elderly                                                                      Dark Skin

Handheld Infrared Vein Finder SIFVEIN-5.0 different uses

Foot                                                                            Face                                                                   Hand/ Arm


This product Not to be used in the US.


Infrared Vein finder Stand Type: SIFVEINSET-1.2 (SIFVEIN-5.0 + Table Stand)

12 months warranty.



10 × We plant for you ten Trees 

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