Dentistry Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0


Wavelength: 445/ 635/ 810/ 970nm.

Maximum Power: 200mW+3W+7W+10W.

Operation Mode: CW, Repeat Pulse.

Control Mode: Android OS.

Voltage/Current Rating: 110/220 VAC, 5A , 50/60 Hz.

Dimensions: 240(H)*130(W)*225(L) mm.

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 Dentistry Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0 Android OS


Dentistry Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0 Smart

Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0 blue laser symbolizes an innovative extension to the already settled surgery laser systems. This laser is ideal for coagulation, vaporization and bloodless surgery due to its peak sucking in haemoglobin and its permeability in water. SIFLASER-4.0 blue laser light connects better with the tissue components haemoglobin or melanin. At 450 nm, this allows better and softer cutting, even at lower power. Improved cutting performance make it preferably suited to all surgical applications and for hemostasis.

In addition, this device provides low-level laser therapy (LLLT) application in dentistry. Using 200mW, 635nm LLLT, you will have a device that treats the promotion of wound healing in a range of tissues and lesions. LLLT is useful for adjunctive treatment styles in different dentistry areas. It has an advantageous effect on both hard tissue and soft tissue of the oral cavity with less counter effect.



Dentistry Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0 Applications


  • Four Wavelengths in one machine.
  • Combines blue light and near-infrared.
  • Android OS software system with an extremely easy and friendly operation.
  • WIFI software update.
  • HD Color Touch Screen.
  • Pre-set protocols & databases for dentist.
  • 445nm makes micro-coagulations.
  • 660nm the superficial dermis biostimulation.
  • 970nm the deep dermis biostimulation.
  • Android OS smart laser.
  • HD Color Touch Screen.
  • Expert Preset Protocols.
  • Wifi update software.
  • Quite working fans.



  • Model: Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0.
  • Wavelength: 445/ 635/ 810/ 970nm.
  • Maximum Power: 200mW+3W+7W+10W.
  • Operation Mode: CW, Repeat Pulse.
  • Pulse Duration: 10μs-3s.
  • Repetition Rate: 0.2Hz-20KHz.
  • Pilot Beam: Red Diode Laser Of 650nm, Power<5mW.
  • Control Mode: True Color touch screen..
  • Voltage/Current Rating: 110/220 VAC, 5A , 50/60 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 240(H)*130(W)*225(L) mm.
  • Weight: 4kg.
  • Safety Compliance: CE0197.



Why laser therapy is the best?


Many dentistry problems cannot be solved by typical therapies as they are not very effective. For example, in the Jaw and TMJ Pain (Dysfunction), The typical methods aim to transmit blood to the affected areas and depend on available paths to send blood. If enough amount of blood can be sent, the muscles and other affected parts will get energy and be healed. However, TMD complications often prevent blood sending to the affected areas. So, typical therapies are often not very effective.

Dentistry Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0 Android

Laser technology has been so developed that it is possible to get back the disk using this technology. This kind of therapy can help TMD patients not only by getting back the displaced disc but also by curing the nerves surrounding the disk. Laser therapy sends blood to the affected areas so that the muscles and other parts get enough energy to cure themselves.
Having high penetration and dosage capabilities does not mean it will hurt or burn. Laser therapy is a safe and easy method to treat with.

The Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0 is the perfect tool for Dentistry Laser Operations, as it features four wavelengths in one machine, combining blue and near-infrared might.

Also, this device fully operates on an Android system, thus providing simplicity and easy use for the doctor with its HD Color Touch Screen. Besides, this device offers WiFi connectivity and software updates, assuring that the doctor stays up with the latest updated system and its new functions. Not to mention, having a full list of Pre-set protocols and databases to perform all kind of dentistry related laser operations.


   Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0:

This is a three-wavelength device that mainly exploits the 445nm one, which is combined with 660nm and 970nm ones since they support superficial and deep tissue biostimulation. The 445nm wavelength interacts with the molecules at a systemic level and is absorbed by both haemoglobin and better than with an infra-red laser. The blue wavelength is also effective on numerous bacterial strains, thus exploiting its antiseptic properties and achieving excellent results in tissues incision, both for surgical and vascular purposes. It is also useful in treating diabetic ulcers and bedsores.

The 660nm wavelength can transfer an optimal dosage of energy to the tissue. This energy is thus stored at the cellular level with a subsequent increase in both bacterial proliferation and metabolism. Thus, it allows obtaining remarkable results in the healing of wounds, diabetic and vascular ulcers. The 970nm wavelength is absorbed by the water contained in our body: most of such energy is turned into heat. The deep layers of tissues thus become localised heat points able to generate temperature gradients at the cellular level and to stimulate the local microcirculation thanks to the oxygen supply provided by this wavelength.


Dentistry Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0 application Dentistry Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0 app


  • 450nm, 635nm, 810nm, 980nm four wavelengths in one machine, combine blue light and near-infrared, High power and low level together.
  • Android OS software system offers extremely easy and friendly operation. Update software through WIFI.
  • Pre-set protocols database for dentists.


Soft tissue procedures

  • Gingival Troughing for Crown Impressions
  • Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty
  • Gingival Incision & Excision
  • Soft-Tissue Crown Lengthening
  • Hemostasis & Coagulation
  • Excisional & Incisional Biopsies
  • Exposure of Unerupted Teeth
  • Fibroma Removal
  • Frenectomy & Frenotomy
  • Implant Recovery
  • Incision & Drainage of Abscess
  • Leukoplakia
  • Pulpotomy is an Adjunct to Root Canal Therapy
  • Operculectomy
  • Oral Papillectomies
  • Reduction of Gingival Hypertrophy
  • Vestibuloplasty
  • Treatment of Canker Sores, Herpetic & Aphthous Ulcers of the Oral Mucosa

Periodontal procedures

  • Sulcular Debridement (Removal of Diseased, Infected, Inflamed, & Necrosed Soft-Tissue in the Periodontal Pocket to Improve Clinical Indices Including Gingival Index, Gingival Bleeding Index, Probe Depth, Attachment Loss, & Tooth Mobility)
  • Laser Soft-Tissue Curettage
  • Laser Removal of Diseased, Infected, Inflamed & Necrosed Soft-Tissue Within the Periodontal Pocket
  • Removal of Highly Inflamed Edematous Tissue Affected by Bacteria Penetration of the Pocket Lining & Junctional Epithelium

Laser teeth whitening

  • Laser-Assisted Whitening/Bleaching of Teether.

Main Advantages

  • Four wavelengths 635nm, 445nm, 810nm and 970nm in one laser with Maximum power up to 10Watt.
  • Android OS smart laser
  • HD Color Touch Screen
  • Expert Preset Protocols
  • Wifi update software
  • Quite working fans

dental laser handpiece for Jaw and TMJ Pain _Dysfunction



This product can not be used within the US



Android Dentistry Diode Laser System SIFLASER-4.0.

12 months warranty.


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